Best Cell Phone Plans 2012: The Choice Is Yours

With the latest developments in technology, nobody would wish to be left behind. Apart from just the need of being up to date with the latest technological devices, everyone wants to reveal their style with the kind of cell phone that they use.
In the market today, there is a wide range of the best cell phone plans 2012 that will leave every consumer spoiled for choices. It becomes even confusing for these consumers to settle on one cell phone because all of the cell phone plans for 2012 are amazing. Besides, it looks like vendors and cell phone providers knew too well the needs of various consumers because all of these plans are designed to suit the preferences and tastes of every client who might not want to be left behind. With these plans, the choice entirely depends on you. Here are some of the best cell phone plans 2012 from which you are able to make your choices:

Verizon Wireless

Verizon is significantly becoming the people’s favorite since there is a great number of consumers who are switching interests to it. For those who are enthusiastic of talking and sending text messages, this is the ideal cell phone plan for you. This is the device that will truly bring out the class and style in you even before you speak it out. It offers you the perfect Unlimited Voice and Text plan at just $89.99 monthly.


AT&T is another perfect cell phone plan 2012 for families that have several cell phone users. It offers one of the most reliable and efficient plans for families including two lines with unlimited voice at only $119. However, you are also able to add an unlimited messaging feature to both phones for an extra charge of just $30. The additional unlimited text feature is one of the cheapest individual unlimited voice and text plans. Besides, AT&T also offers a carryover minutes plan that is averagely charged at $90 for individual features.


Coming up with a unique Unlimited Everything plan, Sprint has proved that it can truly be the ideal cell phone that suits all. Despite its slightly higher rates, most consumers will still go for it because of its efficiency. Imagine at only $99.99, consumers are able to enjoy unlimited voice, data and text which is very distinct from any other unlimited voice and text plans. With this cell phone, you are able to stay online as long as you want and also download lots of data without any limitations.

Virgin Mobile
The mention of the term Virgin in any business platform is an indication of class and style. Even though, its introduction was so unexpected by most consumers, it also offers an Unlimited Everything plan. However, Virgin Mobile’s 2012 plan is prepaid and will only cost you $55 per month. Even with this contract based plan, Virgin Mobile is an excellent deal that is very economical too.

Apart from the above mentioned plans, the list of the best cellphone plans 2012 is still very long. All that you will need to do is make your choices right and settle on the one that suits your lifestyle.

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