No Contract Cell Phones And Their Key Features

Currently, consumers have a wide variety of cell phone plans to choose from, depending on their needs or budget. Predictably, consumers will always choose plans that yield the most benefits at low cost. This need has been sufficiently met by no contract cell phones, which have become very popular among consumers. In the past, these phones offered few options to subscribers, but this has been changing over the years. As the number of people using no contract cell phones has increased, providers have introduced more plans and features in order to draw new subscribers. People therefore enjoy more benefits from these phones than ever before, thus they are increasingly turning to them in a bid to control their cell phone bills. However, it is important to keep in mind that they also have their drawbacks, which will also be discussed to enable you to make an informed choice. This calls for an overview of the key features of no contract cell phones.

Features of no contract cell phones


Features of no contract cell phones

No contract cell phones are also referred to as prepaid phones, which require no signed commitment from the end users. If you wish to purchase and activate this type of phone, the personal information required is minimal, since no legal contract is required. Once you subscribe to this type of phone, you will not receive monthly bills for your usage. Instead, you will be required to purchase airtime for your phone in advance. Once you have used up the airtime, the cell phone ceases to function unless new airtime is purchased. The absence of a legal contract requirement also means that there are no age limits for those purchasing the phones. This is unlike contract cell phones, whereby a person needs to be eighteen years old or above. They are therefore ideal if you would like your minor child or children to have cell phones. This is particularly convenient when you are regularly away from home, since it will enable you to keep in touch with them.

The other feature of no contract cell phones is that they are a good choice for people without a favorable credit history. This is because people purchasing these phones are not required to pass any credit checks. In view of this, if your credit history is not impressive, this is the right cell phone for you. At the same time, it is usually less risky to lose no contract cell phones, as there are no concerns about fraudulent charges being added to your account. No contract cell phones are also appropriate for people whose phone use is minimal, or those who need a phone on a temporary basis.

As indicated earlier, no contract cell phones also have their drawbacks which you need to know prior to acquiring one. One of their drawbacks is that such phones do not attract any discounts, and are usually sold at higher prices. This is because there are no monthly charges without a contract; therefore, your monthly fees will be lower. At the same time, there maybe services and features that may not be available on such phones. Although the services and features of these phones have increased, they are not fully comparable with those of contract cell phones.

Factors to consider when buying no contract cell phones

If you decide that no contract cell phones are ideal for you, there are various factors that you need to consider. Your first consideration should be the services you need from your cell phone. This will help you to determine if the options provided by no contract cell phones are sufficient. There are various providers offering no contract cell phones, enabling you to choose the most convenient one for you. Naturally, you need to consider whether your provider covers your areas of interest before purchasing the cell phone. It is important to ensure that your provider not only covers your area, but any other areas to which you regularly travel. You also need to determine how your provider sells the airtime, in addition to any available plans which can save on costs. It is important that you understand your provider’s terms, so that you can reap the full benefits from no contract cell phones.



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